Friday, 11 January 2008

January praise and prayers

dear friends,
it was lovely catch up with so many of you during our month in England. We had a great time and arrived back tired but well (except for Alex's cough) in Ecuador last Friday night. after a weekend in Quito we got to our little house in Shell Tuesday night.
- for a wonderful time in England and Europe
-for the new people who have joined our prayer and support team
- that our house was safe while we were away and that Alfredo's brother looked after it for us.
- that Alex's Moody distance learning material finally got out of customs
-That the dates have changed on the development course in Quito so we can both attend in February

-that ECORAE and the Municipio will give us the money for the agreed projects without too many problems or delays
-Alex will be joining Sheila's healthcare team to India to visit a clinic and neighbouring communities. pray that the trip is safe and productive. Keep Alfredo in your prayers as he is being left to hold down the fort in Shell. Alex will be away 20th jan-10th feb.
-that we are able to move into a bigger house. we have found one we like but the rent is higher than we want to pay...if this is where we should be pray that the conversations with the landlady are positive.
- that Alfredo's brother Josue (who is currently living with us) can find a job - an ecuadorian couple are interested in joining us in the shell office. she is an architect and he is an environmental engineer, so they will fit in well. we don't yet know how to finance them as our current budget cannot pay them salaries. either we need to find alternative paid work for gaby in the area so Pablo can volunteer in the office or raise the funds to pay them salaries. Please prayer for wise decisions the provision of resources.

thanks you for keeping us in your prayers,
Alex and Alfredo

Back in Ecuador

sorry, we weren't very good at keeping this updated while we were in England! we had a great time, visiting many friends, two new church groups and spending Christmas with my family on the Isle of Wight. For new year we went on a holiday around Europe... backpacking... we visited Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. We spend new Years Eve with the thousands in Dam Square in the middle of Amsterdam, great!
When I get my photos onto a computer that has internet I'll upload some of the pictures.
:-( we didn't get to see any snow.