Tuesday, 17 July 2012

B's Graduation

last friday Benjamin has his graduation from nursery. They had gowns and sweets and books of all their artwork. This was more ceremonious than actual, Benj was back at nursery as normal on monday! He will change schools in september (if we can get him a place in one) to start pre-kinder.

 Maggy and Jonathan

 Proud papi and Benjamin

 Benj with his book of artwork

 the class

Benj, Lucy and Andres

Friday, 13 July 2012

Dia del Nino

the 30th June is the day of the child, and it is celebrated in Ecuador, especially in the government nursery Camila and Benjamin attend.
The older classes had prepared dances to present to the parents and there was clowns and cake.
There is a video on Facebook of Benjo dancing!

 Camila's class

 Jennifer, the 'Brava' bumble bee


Tia Clelia, the wonderful lady who looks after the baby's room

 Sarah, the daughter of one of the football team
Best friends, Andres, Benjamin and Jonathan

 Benjamin's class with Tia Lucy

cool dude Benjo

gift from the jungle

When Alfredo came out of the jungle last week, he came with a friend!
Camila was fascinated by the live bird and learned to say 'Cock' and Benjamin spent the car ride to the Aunt's house trying to look at the bird tied up behind him.
Alfredo received the bird when he visited Iniayua as payment for a list of things (soap, salt, matches) they want us to take in for them when the team visit next week. We don't mind helping them when they don't expect it for free, even if the payment is a bit active!
Luckily Benjamin didn't notice that the nice 'chicken' we ate at Aunts house as the same bird!