Saturday, 9 October 2010

October Praise and Prayers

Hi All,

Our latest newsletteris out... sorry it has taken so long to get one out to you all! I’ve included lots of photos of the past year to show you what we’ve been up to. Let me know if you want to receive it and feel free to pass it on to interested friends or post up in your church.

In the past month we’ve been up to Quito for meetings, celebrated Benjamin’s second birthday and Alfredo managed to get the local government to pay us for the projects we finished last year. Things in Shell are more settled now and I’ve almost managed to clear our store room to make it into Benjamin’s new bedroom.

Ecuador has been in international news in the past week... did you see it? On Sept 30th the Police held a strike against having their bonuses cut and it escalated into an attempt at ousting the president, with a gun-battle between the Police and Army outside the Police hospital in Quito where the President was being held captive. He was rescued and returned to the palace to give his victory speeches and all returned to normal the next day. We in Shell didn’t know anything was happening till family in Quito phoned to ask if we were ok and told us to watch the news!

In October Alfredo has a couple of jungle trips planned in order to get everything done before he’s Shell-bound waiting for baby to arrive in November. He is upset at missing the next HCJB Global Haiti trip as they don’t get back till November and we don’t fancy baby arriving early and him being in another country.

Alfredo has started working part time in the hospital maintenance department, helping out with the long-term projects that never get seen to. He is currently committed to a week per month and is working on sorting out the key system! This gives him some guaranteed Shell time and means when all our working visitors leave and he’s alone in the office he has some time as part of a team.


Taisha government have paid us the remaining project money

Benjamin celebrated his 2nd birthday

Steph and Fraenzi are settled into Shell and jungle life and are busy evaluating completed projects.

We have new neighbours, including 5-yr-old Victoria who loves playing with Benjamin.


For the ‘community assembly’ that is being held at the moment. This is where the communities decide with the local government what projects they want next year and is key to whether we receive government funding for projects next year. Steph and Fraenzi are attending because we have to attend Alfredo’s brother’s weddings on Friday and Saturday.

For wisdom in knowing what projects to take on in the next year. A community evaluation in Samikim will happen this month.

For the engineers who go to Haiti on this next trip to train Samaritans Purse in spring protection.

For continued health in the pregnancy and that we’ll be ready for the arrival!

Thank you for keeping us lifted up in prayer.

Alex, Alfredo and Benjamin Leon