Tuesday, 8 July 2008

July Prayers and Praise

hi there,
Here are our praises and prayers for the month of July.

we love to hear news from back home... so keep writing! We got to watch a little Wimbledon and British grand prix while in Quito...luxury! Although we have changed house, we haven't changed address... our mail still goes to the hospital mail room.
Alex and Alfredo Leon, Hospital Vozandes del Oriente, Shell, Pastaza, Ecuador.
our telephone number is now 00593 2795 171 and ask for 'familia leon' or 'extencion setenta dos sesenta (7260)'
How about sending us your name suggestions for baby (its a boy!)... something that goes with Leon, works in english and spanish and isn't already in use in Alfredo's family... its hard!

thank you for keeping us in your prayers,

we were up in Quito last weekend for Alfredo's sister's 'incorporation'... the equivalent to our big graduation ceremony. It was fun to be able to celebrate with her.

we have moved into our new house and we now have a new kitchen floor, water (hot and cold) and the kitchen and new lights... everything is working! when we moved in a week ago we weren't quite so lucky and had to live with the maintenance guys working around us for a few days.

the Santa Rosa and Kusuimi projects are progressing well and Alfredo will go in with his brother this month to install the solar water pumps and finish off.

pregnancy is going smoothly and baby is kicking a lot now!

Alfredo's football team 'Liga Universitario de Quito' won the the copa libertadores (the equivalent to champions league) and seems their next match is against Manchester United in the Japan championship!

that the Municipio recognize the price increase on the solar panels (they come from Europe and the exchange with the Euro isn't good so prices drastically increased) so we don't loose too much money on the projects

that Alfredo will have productive trips this month to finish the projects before the August deadline

pray for someone to work/travel with Alfredo now that I cannot travel in the jungle- I have one more trip to Makuma then I am staying in Shell until the baby is born.

Alex and Alfredo and bump