Thursday, 23 September 2010

Some new family photos

Thanks Fraenzi for the great photos.

Benjamin's 2nd birthday

Benjamin talking to Granny in England

opening presents

cake with his friends from nursery

helping Mummy make birthday cake

cake number one in Quito with family last sunday

Yesterday Benjamin celebrated his 2nd birthday. The day involved lots of phonecalls and cake and a house full of people, all things that make him very happy.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

September Praise and Prayers

Dear friends,

After a month back in country we are now getting back in to a routine. Benjamin is going to a local Spanish-speaking nursery every morning so he has some social interaction and so I (Alex) can help do office administration. Alfredo is working on his taxes and a report for Taisha so they'll pay us for a project we finished in December.

We were invited to be part of the Shuar bible dedication in Makuma last Saturday. The full story with photos is below.

We have had another echo and the doctor is sure the baby is a girl, due mid November. Alfredo's family are getting excited as boys dominate the Leon family.

That Benjamin was able to get a space in the local government-run nursery and enjoys going.
That we were able to participate in the Shuar Bible dedication in Makuma.
That the pregnancy is going smoothly and the baby appears health

That the new bible may impact the Shuar people
For the community development planning meetings in Quito this month
For Steph (working visitor) as she works on finishing the water projects in Pastaza and for Fraenzi as she finishes language school and moves to Shell mid September.
For Alfredo as he goes to Taisha to get payment for finished projects and discuss future projects with the local government
For the medical team currently in Haiti.

Thank you for your interest and prayers for the work we do in Clean Water Projects with HCJB Global in Ecuador.

Hugs and Blessings
Alex, Alfredo and Benjamin Leon.