Saturday, 8 November 2008

prayer and praise november

praise...Scott and Glad are working with us in the jungle water projects and they have been a real blessing as they are spending their time supervising the project in amazonas so alfredo can be at home more with me

praise... my mum was here for 2 weeks, getting to know her first grandson and helping me out in the house while alfredo went into the jungle for a week

praise... Benjamin is putting on weight and is healthy. he is still waking lots during the night, but sleeps well during the day!

praise... Ecorae gave us an extension to the amazonas project.
praise ecorae are organizing the helicopter for the tank flight for the end of the month
... prayer... however our extension is only have till 15th dec and the tank won't arrive till the end of the month (providing it happens this time) so we will be hard pressed to finish in time.

prayer... for our future and the future of the water project office in shell. our term finishes end of 2009 and we are unsure what to do after as we need to complete our bible requirement before returning. while we are away we need someone to continue the work in shell or close up the office.

prayer... for the projects for the coming year. we have more requests than we can take on and we don't want to over stretch ourselves. we need wisdom to know which projects will be the most beneficial for the Kingdom.