Wednesday, 5 December 2012

December Praise and Prayers

Amazingly we have the Christmas tree up already… no ‘bah humbug’ this year!

Alfredo went into Tzapino last week with Adeline and Tannia and came back fascinated by the culture Huaorani. We have already been given Huao names (Alfredo’s means ‘Engineer smoke’ and mine is Comoga – something like ‘wife of smoke’). Tannia and Adeline got given husbands too, but they knew Alfredo was married so he wasn’t allowed another wife! Samaritans Purse had a team in Tzapino at the same time, and they want a meeting with us on Friday about funding the project!

Camila had a lovely birthday with a joint party with Grandad Leon.  

Pray for Centro Yuu as we thought they were ready to start work on their project but they are dragging their feet getting materials. Pray for wisdom in knowing how much to wait and how much to push.

Pray for Kiim and Mutints. Adeline and Tannia’s trip went well and they communities are interested in continuing with their water systems. It was good timing as a muslim group are pressuring the communities to sign an agreement to let them make a base in the area. 

Pray for the community development centre which we are designing… and for our busy new year with three training event planned and at least 7 working visitors coming to work with us!

We pray that the Christmas season may be something special and not just stressful this year.

Happy Christmas! Our Saviour is born.
Alex and Alfredo, Benjamin and Camila

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

November prasie and prayers

Blimey, already 13th November! Had you noticed that I hadn’t written yet? Well… Alfredo went to Texas, USA with the office boys for a well-drilling camp (and some tourism) and I did my back in on the first morning of the long holiday weekend and have been suffering since! Alfredo (and all the goodies) are now back in Shell and my back is almost better. 

October… Alfredo travelled twice out of the country, to Peru and to the USA. 

The Peru trip to visit some Water Missions filters in Iquitos. They didn’t stop travelling for the whole trip as after three days travelling to Iquitos, they then got in a boat to see the projects up the Amazon river . Alfredo was impressed how developed the jungle communities were along the river, with electricity and concrete walkways (but no longer many trees!).

The trip to the USA was part of HCJB Healthcare’s vision of Shell being a training centre for preparing professionals in bio-vocational missions. But first we have to have trained staff! As Wim and Alfredo have never been to America (at least not out of an airport) they took 3 extra days and with Eric as their guide, were shown the highlights of Texas: The Alamo, a big aircraft carrier, BBQ, Walmart, shooting, golf, and typically for the road engineer, Alfredo returned with lots of photos of the huge flyovers on the motorways! 

While Alf was in Peru, I drove to Chimborazo province for the inauguration of the water system in Capulis Pungo. The kids quickly made friends with the local Quichua children and I received my first poncho for being the CD director and we ate lots of guinea pig (and I still have an extra in my freezer!) The day was a beautiful recognition of the hard work of the community to build their water system and God was given the glory in songs, dances and speeches.

I took the GRE test (entry test for US Graduate School) and we got our Wheaton scholarship applications in on time. 

We celebrate Camila’s 2nd birthday this Saturday (17th).

Alfredo has just driven Adeline and Tannia into Makuma.  Who would have imagined 8 years ago when I started working in Makuma and had to fly in all the materials and walk 5 hours that you’d be able to drive in! Pray for them as the visit Kiim and Mutints.

Praise for good trips to Peru and USA. Pray for this month’s travelling to Tzapino, Centro Yuu and Iniayua.

Praise that we made toffee apples with Adeline for Bonfire night (it was raining so we couldn’t burn anything). Pray that Adeline can learn all she needs for Africa while she is here.

A great YouTube video … and write to us if you’d like to give the gift of water for Christmas.

Please don’t use the Apartado postal address but send letters/packages to Hospital Vozandes del Oriente, Shell, Pastaza, Ecuador.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers
Alex and Alfredo, Benjamin and Camila

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

October praise and prayers

We survived September! I finished my TEFL course and got the community development budgets presented in Quito and the family survived without me in Shell… they were very happy to see me return! 

We celebrated Benjamin’s 4th birthday in Quito with the family and then in Shell with some local children. 

A big praise, Alfredo passed his TOEFL English test with enough points for us to apply to Wheaton College, USA and UK universities. Now we have to get paperwork ready for the Nov 1st deadline and I have to take the graduate exam (GRE) this month. 

As a reward for looking after the children, Alfredo got a trip to peru and he is there as I write. He has gone with Eric and Adeline to Iquitos to learn about water missions filters (Wim was sick so had to stay home this trip). They’ll be gone for a week.

The team has another trip planned for the end of the month to Texas for well-drilling training. Alfredo is still short £800 to cover this trip, so if you’d like to help out, please contact me or give on line at

I am back at the university and have a new challenge with teaching an engineering course, in Spanish, this term. I am teaching greener production this term and renewable energy next term, so if anyone has good resources/websites etc. let me know!

We again had a visit from the ‘Safe Water in Ecuador’ team from Michigan. They visited projects in the jungle and mountains and have committed to help raise funds for this coming year. Alfredo had a good meeting with officials from a different local government that covers the area where the Waorani live (other tribal group), and there is the possibility for funding for Tzapino water project and future communities.

Praise and prayers:
Praise for Alfredo’s good English results. Pray for my GRE test, for meeting application deadlines.
Praise for funds for Peru trip, pray for Alfredo’s travel plans, (Peru and USA) and funds for Texas.
Praise for Arajuno Municipio contact and pray for successful funding for Tzapino project.
Praise for completion of the TEFL course and pray as I apply all I learnt in the university.
Praise that Adeline arrived safely and pray that her time here will be good preparation for Africa.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

September praise and prayers

We spent lots of August travelling, for work and pleasure. We went south to visit nephew Mateo out of hospital, and then further south to visit Loja province.
An aunt came to Puyo and offered 5 beaches to Benjamin and he was ready to travel on the bus home with her… so as the next weekend was a long weekend we joined the rest of Ecuador on the beach (well, visiting the promised 5 beaches of Esmeraldas).
I brought an unwanted gift back from the beach in the form of dengue, a tropical disease similar to severe flu but from a mosquito bite.  Not fun!
Another trip to Quito to try to understand my new job and for the wedding of Jessica and Duncan, a nurse and anesthetist who met in Shell hospital.
Back to Shell and back to nursery for the children. A few days in the office and then we travelled to Bolivar province to see Martha and Linda. (see blog below).
And to finish off the travelling Alfredo went east with Wim and Eric to Makuma. They drove to within half-hour walk of the centre… it used to be a 5 hour hike to the nearest road! Not long before we can drive to the door of the guesthouse.
This week Benjamin started a new preschool… and if we cut a hole in the fence we could save walking a block to drop him off as the school is our neighbour and his teacher is one of Alfredo’s old school friends.
(There are photos of our travels on our blog below)

For a good recovery from dengue,
Fun times with family in Cuenca and Esmeraldas
That Lorena is looking after the children in the afternoons
For a great trip to Chillanes to see Martha and Linda
Praise that Alfredo has the finances to go to Iquitos next month.

-For me as I’m in Quito for 4 weeks on an intensive teaching English course, and for the others as they survive in Shell without me!
-For Adeline as she prepares to come to Ecuador for 6 months
-For Alfredo’s Toefl English test this month.
For Benjamin as he celebrates his 4th birthday on the 22nd!

Thanks for your care and prayers for us.
Alex and Alfredo, Benjamin and Camila

West to Chillanes

Last weekend we travelled the 5 hours to Bolivar province to see Martha and Linda. Martha is the longest-serving member of community development and has been working in the small town of Chillanes for over 30 years. She has taught heath promoters, supervised the construction of water projects and  she helps the local hospital with health education , all of which have given her the relationships and trust for her busy spiritual ministry with girls clubs, women’s bible studies and a 24-7 open door to those who seek her. She showed us a wonderful example of true holistic community development.

 we had to pass Chimborazo mountain on our way, and it was beautiful!

 view down to the coast

Linda with Camila, Martha pointing out communities she's worked with

Martha with the pastor's wife in Santa Teresita


 with Martha and Linda in Chillanes