Tuesday, 23 November 2010


photos taken by Fraenzi, 22nd Nov 2010

Friday, 19 November 2010

Camila has arrived

Camila was born wednesday 17th November 2010 at 3.37pm. She weighed 6 lb 7oz and was 48cm long. We are back at home and doing well. Benjamin is coping well with the new arrival and is trying to be gentle and helpful!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

November Praise and Prayers

This is my second attempt at writing to you all... the first was out of date before I was able to post it.

Those on Facebook might have been following our saga with Alfredo’s cousin Daniella. At 21 weeks pregnant her waters broke. She went into hospital to be induced but found that despite the lack of amniotic fluid the baby still has a strong heart beat so was put on bedrest... in our guest room. The baby fought for two weeks but Dani was finally taken into surgery last Friday. Little baby Trinity Renata was buried in Puyo on Saturday. Thank you for praying with us during this hard time. Renato (Dani’s husband) was able to find a job and we all had a peace as we waited out God’s plan.

As for my pregnancy, we are waiting for the contractions to start! Due date is the 15th Nov, but Benjamin came early so it could be any day. Praise God that I have had an easy pregnancy because with all the people in the house I haven’t had much time to rest!

Alfredo, Steph and Fraenzi went to visit the community Samikim and after various meetings the community decided they do want the water project. Alfredo has to now get paperwork with the local government sorted for the finances.

A work-team from the Harrison’s Harrogate church came through Shell and we got two nice meals listening to ‘funny’ UK accents!

On the 30th October we went to the dedication of the rebuilt ‘Nate Saint’ house. Nate was one of the 5 missionaries killed by the Aucas (now Waorani) over 50 years ago. The house has been turned from a termite hotel to a museum and meeting room and is beautiful.


· For the care Dani received at HVO and that Renato found a job.

· For time with family over the long weekend

· For the good trip to Samikim

· For the work the Harrogate team did in a Chimborazo community.


· For Daniella, Renato and the family as the mourn their loss.

· For the quick and painless (?possible!?) birth of our daughter

· For Alfredo as he works in hospital maintenance this month

· For Steph and Fraenzi as they visit communities in the Makuma area to evaluate the finished projects

· For the Samikim paperwork and for the government to give the finances without problems.

We’ll let you know when the new Leon arrives!

Blessings, Alex, Alfredo and Benjamin.

The hospital has a new postal box… so try sending post to:

APARTADO POSTAL 16-01-844, PUYO, PASTAZA, ECUADOR and we’ll see if it gets here quicker than recent packages.