Wednesday, 5 September 2012

September praise and prayers

We spent lots of August travelling, for work and pleasure. We went south to visit nephew Mateo out of hospital, and then further south to visit Loja province.
An aunt came to Puyo and offered 5 beaches to Benjamin and he was ready to travel on the bus home with her… so as the next weekend was a long weekend we joined the rest of Ecuador on the beach (well, visiting the promised 5 beaches of Esmeraldas).
I brought an unwanted gift back from the beach in the form of dengue, a tropical disease similar to severe flu but from a mosquito bite.  Not fun!
Another trip to Quito to try to understand my new job and for the wedding of Jessica and Duncan, a nurse and anesthetist who met in Shell hospital.
Back to Shell and back to nursery for the children. A few days in the office and then we travelled to Bolivar province to see Martha and Linda. (see blog below).
And to finish off the travelling Alfredo went east with Wim and Eric to Makuma. They drove to within half-hour walk of the centre… it used to be a 5 hour hike to the nearest road! Not long before we can drive to the door of the guesthouse.
This week Benjamin started a new preschool… and if we cut a hole in the fence we could save walking a block to drop him off as the school is our neighbour and his teacher is one of Alfredo’s old school friends.
(There are photos of our travels on our blog below)

For a good recovery from dengue,
Fun times with family in Cuenca and Esmeraldas
That Lorena is looking after the children in the afternoons
For a great trip to Chillanes to see Martha and Linda
Praise that Alfredo has the finances to go to Iquitos next month.

-For me as I’m in Quito for 4 weeks on an intensive teaching English course, and for the others as they survive in Shell without me!
-For Adeline as she prepares to come to Ecuador for 6 months
-For Alfredo’s Toefl English test this month.
For Benjamin as he celebrates his 4th birthday on the 22nd!

Thanks for your care and prayers for us.
Alex and Alfredo, Benjamin and Camila

West to Chillanes

Last weekend we travelled the 5 hours to Bolivar province to see Martha and Linda. Martha is the longest-serving member of community development and has been working in the small town of Chillanes for over 30 years. She has taught heath promoters, supervised the construction of water projects and  she helps the local hospital with health education , all of which have given her the relationships and trust for her busy spiritual ministry with girls clubs, women’s bible studies and a 24-7 open door to those who seek her. She showed us a wonderful example of true holistic community development.

 we had to pass Chimborazo mountain on our way, and it was beautiful!

 view down to the coast

Linda with Camila, Martha pointing out communities she's worked with

Martha with the pastor's wife in Santa Teresita


 with Martha and Linda in Chillanes

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

trip south

this month we've done lots of travelling... we went south to Cuenca to see our new nephew and then further south to visit Loja and Vilcabamba... then north to Esmeraldas to visit Tia Rosie and the 5 beaches she promises Benjamin... and finally west to Bolivar province to see Martha and Linda in Chillanes. Here are our travels in photos. 

 River at Vilcabamba

Benjamin, the family photographer

 The Leon boys = Eduardo with Mateo, Alfredo and Benjamin
 in Loja main square