Saturday, 4 October 2008

october prayer and praise

praise: the benjamin was born without complications and that we have good doctor friends who noticed he had jaundice and losing weight before the baby checkup so we could get it solved before it got to bad.

praise: that Scott and Glad have come to help us in the office until december. Scott is a civil engineer and Glad a nurse practitioner so they can take over our work on the amazonas project for a while

prayers: that we can get an extension on the amazonas project, and get a helicopter to take the tank in. we are supposed to be finished at the beginning of november and we still don't have the tower, tank or pumps installed or the well finished.

pray for next years projects. we have ots of options and the local government want us to expand the project but we don't have enough people. we need wisdom to choose the best projects for kingdom impact.

pray for rest! Alfredo is stressed out with all the project work and I now have night duty! pray for strength as we still have lots of visitors coming with a work group next week, my mother and friends from the Uk... in addition to Alfredo's family who keep turning up.

we appreciate all your prayers

hugs alex