Friday, 7 May 2010

May's exciting news

Dear friends,

we are already in our last month of study at Redcliffe College,
doesn't time fly!

We have good news to share: we are expecting another baby, due in
November. There must be something in the Redcliffe water as there are
currently 6 of us pregnant!

This month is busy: we were in Hull last weekend, sharing at the HCJB
prayer group, St Aidan's and Priory Baptist Church.

Coming up...
in Cambridge this weekend (with the Shields)
then Frodsham, Cheshire sun 16th
Gurnard Isle of Wight 23rd
and in Devon for Lizzie's wedding at the end of the month.
The half term holiday (1-6th june) we'll be back in Coventry.

that we had a lovely Easter holiday on the Isle of Wight, London,
Barrow, Kents Bank and Leamington Spa. Praise that Benjamin likes
travelling in trains and coaches!

That we have a lighter schedule of classes this term so we get some
down time during the week as we are away each weekend.

That Benjamin is very sociable and adapts well to all the different
homes we stay at and people we meet.

that we can enjoy and take full benefit of our final month at Redcliffe

that we will not be too worn-out with all the travelling

that the pregnancy goes smoothly

that our financial support will increase as the family grows!

Thank you for you interest and prayers. We hope to see many of you
over the coming months. Write us if you see we are speaking in your area

Alex, Alfredo and Benjamin