Friday, 4 March 2011

Family Photos, as promised

Chad and Andi Irwin, missionaries with MAF here in Shell took some family photos for us the other day. As always, it started raining just as we arrived so they are all under cover... and it is hard work getting four of us all looking in the same direction and smiling! Thanks Chad and Andi!

March Praise and Prayers

Dear Friends,

We saw God’s protection over us this past month when Alfredo had an accident in the truck and walked away without a scrape. On a trip to Macas, in torrential rain, the truck skidded around a corner and Alfredo ended up across the other side of the road with two exploded tires. He was blessed to not be hurt and that the truck didn’t roll and end up down the bottom of the adjoining bank. ‘Coincidently’ he had the hand-held radio with him so sent a message via MAF as he stopped just where there was no mobile signal. The truck was towed back to Puyo while Alfredo caught a bus to Macas to continue his meeting with the ‘Municipio’ engineers. We were able to get it fixed enough to drive to Quito where the insurance covered the proper repairs (steering, axel and suspension work and two new wheels and tires).

I had a lovely 30th birthday with an afternoon tea party with scones and cucumber sandwiches and lots of friends!

Benjamin has finally had a haircut and Camila has grown out of her 0-3 month clothes now. There are some videos of her on my Facebook page.

Alfredo has been working in the hospital quite a bit last month to give him time this month for the Wheaton course on cross-cultural communications. We are still frantically reading the required books.

We had a good department meeting to define responsibilities and standards of work and we are encouraged that new communities are coming to ask for projects, including a group of communities reachable by road. We’ll be following up these requests with visits in the coming months.


*For protection during the accident and that the truck is now fixed

*For a blessed year and a fun birthday

*For the maintenance team in the hospital that Alfredo gets to work with


- *For productive studying as we take the Wheaton course for credit this month. It is an intense week as we have classes during the day and have to complete assignments and an exam for the end of the week.

*For our finances: we hope to buy a car soon and our regular family support is at 55% what the mission recommends.

*For new communities to work with and new sources of project funding.

Thank you to all who regularly pray for us and the water projects ministry.
In His service

Alex and Alfredo, Benjamin and Camila