Monday, 11 February 2013

February Praise and Prayers

I am writing a little later this month because we’ve been in classes for the past 8 days (and still have 2 days to go!) Community Development (i.e. me, Alex) have organized two courses for learning teaching tools, one on participatory methods of teaching, and the other on using bible storytelling. Being organizer, catering assistant and participant is very hard work, but it seems the participants have been enjoying the courses and I’m looking forward to seeing the techniques being used in the communities.
What else since the new year? Well…
  • I finished the semester at university.

  • Alfredo and the team went into Kiim to do a survey and check out the well and pump there. A radio in Northern Ireland has raised some money towards building a distribution system for Kiim.

  • Andrew and Laura Rescorla and Stewart Decker joined our team for three months of training in community development and water projects.

  • The team got well-drill training with Water4 in Chimborazo

  • I, the kids, and the Rescorlas accompanied Alfredo to the mountain community of Daldal to check the finished project

  • Football season has started

  • Adeline has left Ecuador and is on route to start Ghana via Texas, Canada, Northern Ireland and England!

And for February…
  • Pray for stamina as we finish of training

  • Pray for Alfredo as he hopes to start construction work in Centro Yuu next week. We tried to start in November but none of the community members showed up to work!

  • Pray for Andrew, Laura and Stewart as have classes in community development and a visit to the mountains.

  • Pray for National Elections on 17th February.

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers.
Alex and Alfredo, Benjamin and Camila