Friday, 9 May 2008

praise and prayers may

hi all,
with 2 days holiday at the beginning of may, the weekend and then a week in Macas cutting rebar, I am a little late getting this out, sorry!

*yesterday we attended the ceremony of the signing of contracts for ECORAE Amazonas project. they plan to transfer the first part of the money today. The Municipio has also transferred the money for their two projects, so we are up and running!

*we filled up a truck with all the materials (minus 4 tanks that didn't fit) for Kusuimi last tuesday. a local government group loaned us the truck and canoe so we have saved lots of money on transport, a blessing!

*a friend of a friend in Macas allowed us to stay in her house for the week while we prepared materials, giving us a new friend and saved hotel fees!

*our hot water is fixed in our house (for me, this is a huge praise after a month with only cold water)

*Shell missionary women held a baby shower for me. early I know, but many of them will have left Shell by September.

*That Alfredo's Dad Fernando and brother Josue can find jobs. Fernando has some interesting contacts with other local governments that need a financial director until the end of the year. pray that one of these will result in a job.

*for our projects. all three projects have started and have tight deadlines. Alfredo will go with the technicians to kusuime at the end of the month and Alex has to get all the materials for Amazonas into the airplanes and sent in before she can start.

*for the pregnancy. that there won't be complications and that Alex can continue working and travelling until work on the projects can ease up.

thank you for keeping us in your prayers,
Alex and Alfredo

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