Friday, 6 June 2008

june prayers and praise

hi there,

thanks for keeping us in your prayers. here are some requests for this coming month...

praise: construction has started in Cusuimi and despite 2 days of rain, which meant that the technicians and Bruce couldn't join Alfredo, they got a lot done in the few days they were together. the technicians stayed extra days and were able to lay all the pipe work.

praise: Alex house-sat in makuma while the Hedlunds were at a conference in Quito and made good progress on her moody distance learning course.

praise: The truck has been repaired and Alfredo drove it to Cashipimi (10 hours each way on bumpy roads from shell) and it didn't fall apart this time!


these coming two months Alfredo is travelling in the jungle almost every week. pray for productive work time, good health and people to accompany him on the projects

pray for our house moving. we hope to change house at the end of the month but the house we are moving in to still needs work done (for example it currently has no water!) and we need to get packed up and paint the old house before we can hand it back to the landlady.

pray for more staff in the shell office. as alex will stop travelling in the jungle when baby comes and just work in the office, we are looking for an engineer who will travel, so alfredo doesn't have to do it all on his own.

pray for finances, we have to increase our own finances due to increasing family size and have to raise funds for the Shell office expenses (with all the jungle flights, our monthly office costs are about $500/month)

we love hearing news from england... tell us what the weather is like, how your favourite football team is doing (Alfredo's team Liga has got to the final of the latin american champions league, he is very happy!) what films you recommend!

hugs Alex and Alfredo

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