Wednesday, 10 December 2008

prayer and praise December

dear friends,
sorry for not sending out a group email last month, my email lists have gone crazy and didn't get chance to sort them out. I also apologize for the big address list in this email... I need to have all the addresses visible so I can save them into the other email system!

The last few months have been a bit of a learning curve in parenting, but fun! Benjamin is doing really well and is now smiling, laughing and cooing (in English and Spanish!).
We have had a busy time with lots of visitors... numerous members of Alfredo´s family, my Mum and a group of university friends.

Santa Rosa and Cusuimi projets were finished and the Municipio are paying the extra spent on the solar panels, so we'll not lose money on the projects.

My Mum came out to Ecuador to visit her first grandson. we had a great time together.

Stephanie, Mike, Esme and Lizzie came to visit and we went to all the touristy places around Shell.

Scott and Glad Griebling have been working with us since the end of September, allowing us a little more family time as they took over the Amazonas project.

Alex and Benjamin went into the jungle town of Makuma to celebrate Thanksgiving with Alfredo, Scott, Glad and the Hedlunds (our jungle parents). Benjamin did well, he didn't get any insect bites and enjoyed the flying.

HCJB Global has a new president. Wayne Pederson has been serving on the board of director
before taking on the new role.

the tank is still not in Amazonas. we have been given an extension (now finish 15th December, thanks for praying) but we have been refused the helicopter. The current plan is to take the tank in by carrying it/floating it down the river this weekend. PLEASE PRAY! the tank is big, the river has rapids and the trail takes 5 hours to walk it normally (without a 2m high tank to carry!)

our future...our term finishes end of 2009 and we are trying to work out what to do next!
Top of our list is to go and study a masters in inter cultural studies in Wheaton College, USA and then return with HCJB Global (though not necessarily in Shell). We are praying for the right doors to open as we investigate possibilities.

next year... pray that we choose the right projects and that we don't spread ourselves too thinly. We plan to focus on follow-up on the past projects and evaluation work rather than lots of construction work.

for finances... just as the baby comes and our expenses go up, the pound drops and we now get about $1.55 to the pound, rather than the $2 we've been lucky to get over the past two years. Please consider a Christmas gift, setting up a regular standing order to support our work in Ecuador, or increasing your regular donation.

I'm working on a Christmas letter to send out later in the month. Thank you for all your prayers,

Alex, Alfredo and Benjamin Leon

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