Friday, 6 March 2009

march prayers and praise

photos: Benjamin and Uncle (Tio) Rodrigo, Benjamin the Liga supporter and Benjo eating breakfast

hi there,
sorry we didn't update last month, life got busy with studying for the Wheaton course and trying to get projects finished by deadlines and extension applications handed in on time

Samikim design report got presented on the deadline. Taisha have since come back with corrections, but they are minor, praise God.

Amazonas got an extension (again). we found out this week that the military will definitely not fly our tank in to the jungle, so we have to come up with another plan

Palora is in last days, we are just installing the house connections and doing finishing touches. we are praying that we don't get a fine for not finishing on time and refuse to pay a bribe to get an extension (that should be given anyway)

The course in Quito on Folk Religions was excellent and hard work. we both took the course for credit so had lots of assignments and reading to do in addition to all the project work. Alex has now finished and Alfredo got an extension on the reading assignment as two books are in English and are hard work for him. pray that he reads them before the march 13 deadline.

Benjamin is growing fast! he has started eating cereal and would eat everything on our plates if we let him! he has a huge smile and is very sociable (he gets grumpy when he spends all day in the house with just Mummy, I have to take him to the shop or the hospital so he can see people!)

Jim Allen has just finished a spiritual retreat time with missionaries in Shell. Everything we do should make God look Good... pray that that is true of all we do here in the Ecuadorian Jungle with water projects.

Have a great month, keep in touch!
Alex, Alfredo and Benjamin

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Rachel's Rhythm said...

Benjamin is too precious! I miss you guys...and Shell!