Wednesday, 6 May 2009

may prayer and praise

Dear friends,

Here are some prayers and praises for this month?

There was hope that the tank would be flown in by the military because
our colleague in the office has contacts? but when I phoned the
officer in charge I got the run-around again!
We now how a final deadline of the end of may? so we have agreed a
temporary solution of 4 little tanks to replace the big tank. Alfredo
is in the jungle this week installing the tanks and finishing the
construction of the pump house.

Ecuador had major elections a week ago? Correa is still president and
won on the first round. Pray for wise governance. A mayor Alfredo?s
Dad worked for 4 years ago got reelected so it is looking likely that
Fernando will have a job again. The Mayor in Taisha changed, so we
have to start negotiations again to see if they want us to work with
them this term. The Mayor in Palora was reelected and is offering
Alfredo projects, so we might have opportunity to expand into an area
with road access!

Our next year plans now look like we?ll be in the UK to study bible
for a while and we hope to return to Shell for a second term with HCJB
Global. We are looking in to studying at Redcliffe in Gloucestershire
and plan to arrive in the UK in January. The idea of studying the
Masters course in the USA won?t work this time because Alfredo doesn?t
have the necessary English qualifications to apply and the application
deadline was this month to start studying in January!

Benjamin has two teeth, is sitting up well and is now rolling over and
trying to crawl (he can push himself backwards but he doesn?t realize
this is useful yet as he is trying to go forwards).

Adeline has been working with us since March and it is great having
someone else down here! She is in charge of the Mutints project and
has spent most of April in the jungle with Nurse Sarah.

Next week the Fogg family is coming to shell for a visit to see if
they want to come to work with us more long term. They will be
training us in water filter construction next week and then taking a
trip into the jungle to see our projects. Pray that they like it here
and want to come back!

Thanks for your prayers; we are only able to be here because of the
faithful support of you guys.

Hugs, Alex, Alfredo and Benjamin

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