Saturday, 13 March 2010

March praise and prayers

9th March 2010

Dear Family and Friends,
I know this is late... my laptop has only just arrived back from the
computer doctor today and the email list was on here.

We are doing well in Redcliffe College. Alfredo and I are attending
classes full-time so we have lots to keep us busy. Benjamin is in
crèche 4 hours a day and now sleeps most of the afternoon.

We had a lovely half term break, going up to the Lake District and
then a few days in Coventry (and Alfredo played in the snow for the
first time).

We have been officially accepted in HCJB Global as long-term
missionaries (we were previously short-term).

Prayers and praise:

praise that we had a relaxing holiday over half-term and were able to
spend time with friends and supporters
praise that my computer is working again and we didn't lose any information
praise that we are accepted as long-term missionaries
praise that Alfredo was only ill a few days with flu and not Malaria
or glandular fever
praise for all the friends at college

pray that we can balance family life, English study, class attendance
and homework completion
pray for our finances as we are about £3000 short of tuition and
living costs for next term due to the extra flights and visas we had
to pay for to get Alfredo here (see below on how to give)
pray for Alfredo as he is overwhelmed with the English language (and
English people!)

Our diary is filling up but June still has dates available and we
haven't finalised Easter or may holidays yet so get in touch if you
want to see us and haven't got in the diary yet.

Thank you for you interest and support. We look forward to seeing many
of you over the coming months.
Hugs and blessing,
Alex, Alfredo and Benjamin Leon

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