Friday, 9 July 2010

students working in the mountain projects

Here is some news of what is happening while we are gone. This is in the mountain projects. If you are a student and interested in coming to work with us in Ecuador get in contact!

Eight summer interns in Ecuador joined a work team in the Quichua community of Pigulca to help the rural residents create a clean water source and lead the children in vacation Bible school. The team included two water technicians from HCJB Global’s clean water project ministry. The objective during the team’s weeklong stay was to protect three springs and hold Bible classes and activities with the children.

Pigulca had no clean water and only a few spigots for several dozen families. Community leaders asked for help last year and have been working closely with HCJB Global’s clean water project's team since then, making plans to rectify their water system. Team members worked alongside the men and women of Pigulca, creating a long “bucket brigade” to pass rocks, concrete and sand from the top of the hill down to the springs where the supplies were needed.

On their last night in the community, the people expressed thanks to the team for their work, their encouragement and for instilling God’s Word in their children’s lives.

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