Sunday, 12 February 2012

Feb Praise and Prayers

It’s nice to say we’ve been busy with water projects the past month! Eric Fogg arrived in Shell to work with us at the beginning of January and he’s already seen a prospective project, two jungle communities and two mountain projects. Wim and Nienke finish language school on the 24th Feb and will be in Shell to join us by the end of the month.

We had a great three-man team come from Calvin College, USA to research for the student project they are doing for us. They spent a week in the jungle, along with Alfredo, our boss martin, Wim and Eric reviewing the Iniayua project we finished 4 years ago and surveying Washintsa to produce a more accurate design report for the system construction.

I have finished teaching my first semester of classes and have been in exams all last week (hence the late email update!) I am pleased that students seemed to have learned something as they have done better than I expected in my hard final tests!

Alfredo was asked to return to the Mera church youth group, and helps out on the Saturday afternoons he can. The group is currently getting 30-40 youth each Saturday, a huge increase from the original group of 6! Pray that we can maintain the interest of the new non-Christians without the group turning into a ‘hangout’ and losing its influence.

Football season is starting soon and Alfredo is busy deciding who is in the team or if they can have two teams as they have 35 people interested!

Camila is walking beautifully now and is a real explorer; I often find her outside in the garden playing with the dog or on top of the table as she loves climbing!


· Trip to the jungle with Calvin team, Wim, Eric and Martin

· Alfredo received a tourist visa for the USA without having to show any documents!

· The Fogg family have arrived in Shell


· For Wim and Nienke as the finish language school and move to Shell. Pray they can quickly find a house in town

· For us as we say goodbyes to a few missionary families leaving in the next few months including British Lizi who leaves this week.

· For finances for the Iniayua tower, Washintsa water system and project in Centro Yuu.

· That Alfredo can get his British tourist visa without hassle for our trip in April/May.

Thank you for your interest and prayers for us

Alex and Alfredo, Benjamin and Camila

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