Tuesday, 11 December 2007


we've made it up north and today the car was reading 0 degrees when we got in. Alfredo didn't understand how a sunny day is colder than a horrid cloudy day, doesn't sun mean warm!
we spent Sunday with the Ayres family and presented at Sunbridge Road Mission. on Monday we eventually arrived in the HCJB-UK office (after Alfredo finally got out of bed and enjoyed his first bath). we went to Alex and Helen's house for dinner and sleep.
we are still struggling to wake up in the mornings... a mixture of jet lag and being programmed to wake up to the sunrise and the sun not rising till 8am.

we went via Manchester on our way up from Coventry so Alfredo could tick off another major English city and we got to see the first 'mountains' from the train window (or hillocks in Alfredo's opinion)

tonight we are going carol-singing at an old peoples home with the Thurgoods.

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