Monday, 3 December 2007

Prayer and Praise December

dear friends,
tomorrow we leave Ecuador and wednesday morning we touch down in Gatwick. we are looking forward to seeing so many of you.

here are some prayers and praises for the month

praise that the Municipio accepted the project reports we presented before leaving Shell. we no just need to negotiate the convenio and do the designs for the additional projects they have asked for.
praise that Alfredo's brother will stay in our house in Shell, making it less tempting for the burglars.
praise that we have got a new truck for the Shell office and that the paperwork has finally been sorted out
praise that a number of people have shown an interest in joining the staff in the Shell office

pray for our time in England, that the trains run on time (a big prayer I know!), Alfredo can adjust to the cold weather and that we enjoy ourselves!
pray for the new office staff... that they are the right 'fit' and that we can raise the funds to pay them
pray that Alex can get a visa for India while in England... I have been invited to join an evaluation team going to India in January to assess possibilities of water projects.
pray for next years project planning

our schedule for england:
5th-8th around coventry area
9th-12 bradford
13th Hull
14th-19th coventry (16th am in Park fellowship, pm in St Johns carol service
20th leicester
21-22nd stowmarket
23rd-27th Isle of Wight
28th-2nd Europe
3rd Isle of wight
4th return to Ecuador

thank you for faithfully keeping us in your prayers

Alex and Alfredo

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