Tuesday, 26 August 2008

latest newsletter

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· That we have moved into a bigger house

· That the ‘Municipio’ gave a month extension on the Santa Rosa project as we were delayed by the lack of aviation gas

· That MAF now have aviation gas and Alfredo and Eduardo can work on Santa Rosa and Amazonas before baby is born

· Scott and Glad Griebling are coming Sep-Dec to work in the jungle with us. I first met Scott in 2002 when he worked as an intern in water projects the same time as me!


· For the final 5 weeks of pregnancy, for an ’easy’ birth and that Alfredo is in Shell for the birth!

· That we adjust to life with a ‘little one’ and we can balance work and family time.

· That Alex can finish her Moody distance learning course before the baby arrives

· That we can get the helicopter contract we need to take our big tank into Amazonas

· Wisdom in deciding which projects to take on next year

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