Monday, 4 August 2008

praise and prayer august

hi there,
we appreciate all our friends and family who keep us in their thoughts and prayers over the month, we know it helps!
While I write this in Shell, Alfredo is with his brother Eduardo, Tannia and Tai down in Cusuimi teaching a hygiene course and finishing the water project. it is 10 drive and 3 hour canoe ride to get into the community... it makes flying easy!

praise: that Alfredo didn't have malaria last month, but laryngitis and was still able to go into the jungle on his planned trip. praise that Richard (HCJB accounting director) and Dan Blair were able to accompany him to get a taste for jungle life

praise: that the water pump ordered from USA arrived in Ecuador... the company shipped before the payment had cleared so we would get it in time... they only allowed this because the know the name HCJB and therefore trusted we would pay!

praise: that everything in our house is now working. we have a lovely new kitchen floor and the hot and cold water work. maintenance plan to do some alterations in the near future to improve to water systems, but at least we can bath until that happens!

prayers: there is still no aviation gas so we cannot fly into the jungle. the deadline for the Santa Rosa project is the 14th and we cannot get into finish it and the Municipio (who are funding the project) did not accept our request for an extension. pray that gas will arrive so we can don't get further delayed and that there will be a change of heart in the Municipio when Alfredo goes to talk to them next week.

The pregnancy is still going well and baby is due at the end of September. keep praying for good health, no complications and that Alfredo will be in town when baby comes!

Pray that the applications for Scott and Glad will be approved. they would like to come and work in Shell September-December, and this will be a big burden off our shoulders because they can take over the Mutints project. I worked with Scott in 2002 when I was here as an intern and he as a working visitor!

our future... our term is up the end of 2009 and we need to think about what we'll do... stay with the mission , return to England to work, study somewhere, stay in Ecuador ... there are so many options, please pray for the right doors to open and that the rest will close.

sorry to those who tried our blog address in the last email... the correct address is
also, I missed out a number in our new phone number! if you want to phone us... 00593 3 2795 172 and ask for familia leon

thank you and keep in touch,
Alex and Alfredo

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